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Where IS Lipnica, Anyway?

Thanks to MapQuest, I can show you where exactly Lipnica Wielka is located.

First, of course, it's in Poland. If you don't know where that is, I suggest you enroll in a geography course. (Hint: It's in Europe.)

Now, more specifically, Lipnica is in the south of Poland, about 100 kilometers from Krakow. This region, in general, is called "Malopolska," translated "Small Poland."

Southern Poland

Hunt around on the above map until you find Nowy Targ. This will help you with the next map.


If you follow the road west out of Nowy Targ, you come to Czarny Dunajec ("Black Dunajec," as opposed to the Bialy Dunajec, "White Dunajec"). From there, follow the road northwest to Jablonka ("Little Apple Tree"). Head south on road number seven, then take a right (heading west again). No, there's no actual road there--the cartographers responsible for this map didn't see fit to include Lipnica, so you'll have to use your imagination. It's between the road to Zubrzyca Gorna and the Slovakian border. It runs basically parallel to the road to ZG just to the north of it.

And there you have it--Lipnica Wielka na Orawie, brought to you by (and I'm not paid to do this and I hope I don't get in trouble for using their materials--but I am providing a link and acknowledgement of my source . . .) MapQuest and me.