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Relics from 1,000+ Days in Poland

Polish Currency
In 1996, the Polish zloty (there should be a diagonal line through the "l," sloping upward from left to right) underwent a drastic change. Due to hyper-inflation, things were costing ridiculous amounts (i.e., 35,000 zloty for a beer). Four zeroes were knocked off all prices, new money printed and coins minted, and beers dropped to a more reasonable 3.50 zloty. Below are some examples of the new currency:
The new 50 zloty bill, front and back.With the exchange rate, this is worth approximately $12.00.
New coins.Coins are available in 1, 2, and 5 zloty amounts.

Train Ticket
Train ticket.One of the many train tickets I bought, allowing me to spend a butt-numbing amount of time on trains . . .
(Look closely at the date {approximately in the middle of the ticket} and you'll see this was the ticket for my last train ride in Poland: a one-way ticket to Berlin, where I caught a plane to London, where I made connections for D.C., where I met my parents who drove me four hours to their home . . .)

ID Card
The trusty Peace Corps ID.My Peace Corps ID card. I figured since I never carried it with me, the only logical thing to do was put it online for all to see what sat on a bookshelf for three years.