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Teaching in Lipnica

A freshman class at work in May 1998 During my time in Poland, my primary responsibility was simple: teach English. At least that was what was in my job description. The reality was much different. I tried to teach students to feel confident about their abilities and the "validity" of their thoughts, and to think critically--something most Polish teachers don't seem interested in. (Indeed, the Polish education system tends to be quite simplistic: teach them a bunch of facts, then make sure they can recite them for tests. Amazingly similar to what often passes for education in America . . . )

1998 Model United Nations In the spring of 1998 I took three students to Gorzow in the northwest of Poland for a Model United Nations Conference. Agnieszka, Tom, and Wiola represented Sweeden in meetings concerning chemical/biological weapons proliferation, the use of economic sanctions, and the economic crisis of southeast Asia--all in English. Students from Poland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Bulgaria attended the conference.
Tom, Agnieszka, and Wiola (right to left)